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Swyft Filings vs LegalZoom

Swyft Filings vs LegalZoom: Choosing the Right Online Legal Service

In today's fast-paced world, starting a business or handling legal matters requires efficient solutions. Online legal service providers like Swyft Filings vs LegalZoom have emerged as popular choices for individuals and businesses seeking streamlined and cost-effective solutions for their legal needs. In this article, we will compare Swyft Filings vs LegalZoom to help you make an informed decision that aligns with your specific requirements.


When it comes to legal services, Swyft Filings vs LegalZoom have both gained popularity for their convenience and accessibility. They aim to simplify complex legal procedures, saving you time and effort. However, choosing the right service requires a closer look at their offerings and features.

Services Offered

Business Formation

Both Swyft Filings vs LegalZoom offer comprehensive business formation services. They assist in registering various business entities, including LLCs, corporations, and partnerships. LegalZoom provides additional services like employer identification number (EIN) registration and operating agreements. Swyft Filings focuses on a straightforward business formation process, catering to the basic needs of startups.

Legal Documents

LegalZoom stands out for its extensive range of legal documents beyond business formation, including wills, trusts, and intellectual property agreements. On the other hand, Swyft Filings primarily concentrates on business-related documents, making it a more specialized choice.

Registered Agent Services

Both providers offer registered agent services, ensuring your business remains compliant with state requirements. Swyft Filings and LegalZoom provide reliable registered agent services, with Swyft Filings having a slight edge in affordability.

Pricing Comparison

Business Formation Packages

LegalZoom offers various business formation packages, with prices varying based on features. Swyft Filings offers more affordable packages and includes essential features even in its basic package, making it a cost-effective option for startups on a budget.

Additional Services

LegalZoom tends to have a wider range of additional services beyond business formation, which might be appealing if you require ongoing legal assistance. Swyft Filings, however, focuses on its core offerings, ensuring simplicity and efficiency.

User-Friendly Experience

Website Navigation

Both Swyft Filings vs LegalZoom have user-friendly websites, but Swyft Filings' streamlined interface might be more suitable for those who want a quick and easy process.

Customer Support

LegalZoom offers various customer support channels, including phone and email. Swyft Filings provides phone and email support as well, but some users find LegalZoom's support to be more responsive.

Turnaround Time

Business Formation Processing

Swyft Filings vs LegalZoom offer expedited processing for business formations. LegalZoom often has faster processing times, which can be crucial if you're in a hurry to get your business up and running.

Document Delivery

Both services offer document delivery options, but Swyft Filings' electronic delivery might be more convenient for those who prefer digital formats.

Customer Reviews and Reputation

Both Swyft Filings vs LegalZoom have positive customer reviews and strong reputations in the industry. However, LegalZoom's larger customer base might contribute to a more diverse range of feedback.

Legal Advice and Attorney Services

LegalZoom provides access to attorneys for legal advice, which can be beneficial for complex legal matters. Swyft Filings does not offer direct legal advice but focuses on document filing and compliance.

Customization and Additional Features

If you require highly customized legal documents, LegalZoom's extensive options might be preferable. Swyft Filings offers a more standardized approach, which can be advantageous for those who value simplicity.

Privacy and Security

Both services prioritize privacy and security, employing encryption and secure data handling. LegalZoom's additional cybersecurity measures give it a slight edge in this aspect.

Money-Back Guarantee

LegalZoom offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee within 60 days of purchase. Swyft Filings also has a satisfaction guarantee, but the terms might differ based on the service.

Comparison for Specific Scenarios

For straightforward business formation without many additional legal needs, Swyft Filings provides a cost-effective and efficient solution. If you require a wide range of legal documents and ongoing legal support, LegalZoom's broader offerings might be more suitable.

Pros and Cons


  • Affordable business formation packages

  • Streamlined process

  • Focus on core services


  • Limited range of legal documents



  • Extensive range of legal services

  • Faster processing times

  • Access to legal advice


  • Higher prices for comprehensive packages

Final Verdict

In the Swyft Filings vs LegalZoom battle, there's no clear winner – it depends on your specific needs. Consider the nature of your legal requirements, budget, and desired level of customization. Both services offer valuable solutions for different scenarios, so make your choice wisely.


Is Swyft Filings suitable for single-member LLCs?

Yes, Swyft Filings is suitable for single-member LLCs. They offer business formation services tailored to various business structures.

Can I upgrade my service package with LegalZoom?

Yes, LegalZoom allows you to upgrade your service package to access additional features and services.

Do these services cover all types of legal documents?

LegalZoom covers a wide range of legal documents beyond business formation, while Swyft Filings specializes in business-related documents.

Is my personal information secure?

Both Swyft Filings and LegalZoom prioritize the security of your personal information through encryption and secure processes.

What if I'm not satisfied with the service?

Both Swyft Filings and LegalZoom offer satisfaction guarantees, but the terms and conditions may vary. Be sure to review their policies before making a decision.

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