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Plan Your Business

Utilize market research to identify potential customers for your business, and employ competitive analysis to distinguish your business in the market. By integrating these approaches, you can discover a competitive advantage for your small business.

Write your business plan

The cornerstone of your business lies in your business plan. Discover how to efficiently and promptly craft a business plan using a template.

Calculate your startup costs

Determine the initial investment required to launch your small business. Calculate the startup costs to facilitate funding requests, attract investors, and project the timeline for achieving profitability.

Establish Business Credit

Learn how to apply for business credit and maintain your credit history.

Fund Your Business

Initiating a business incurs financial expenses. Securing funding stands out as one of the initial, crucial financial decisions for most business owners. 

Buy an Existing Business or Franchise

Commencing a business from the ground up can pose challenges. Opting for franchising or acquiring an existing business can streamline the initial planning process.

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